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We want to engage with new ideas for electric mobility expansion that need some additional support for becoming implementation ready. Please write to us describing your project and required areas of support. We would be happy to offer our support

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We are seeking strong partners who are keen to support electric mobility transition and would be willing to offer their views and support in the building of a strong ecosystem for supporting large scale implementation of electric mobility projects in India. Individuals or companies that can offer technical, legal, policy, distribution, taxation, regulatory, financing advice to projects are invited to register with us. So we can brainstorm on ideas and solutions for the expansion of electric mobility.


We launched India's first Electric Vehicle Finance Forum in March 2019. The forum saw participation from investors- both equity and debt, developmental finance institutions, think tanks, manufacturers, business, foundations. The objective was to discuss the financing woes of the sector, map gaps and chart solutions for faster adoption of electric vehicles. We presented a comparative analysis of total cost of ownership of ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) Vs EV (Electric Vehicles) for every segment of vehicle- 2Wheelers, 3Wheelers, 4Wheelers, Electric vehicle charging, buses, and government seeded integrated mobility solutions.

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