Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming the preferred means of Transport, the world over. India has very ambitious plans for a very rapid shift to EVs. 

Consumers and governments prefer EVs because:

  • Operating Cost of EVs is less - both maintenance as well as fuel (electricity) costs.

  • They are easy to drive and can accelerate and decelerate faster. 

  • EVs save fuel. This will save precious foreign exchange.

  • EVs emit no air pollution. They can make our cities livable again. 

  • EVs are silent- our cities will become calmer.

BSES Rajdhani Pvt Ltd (BRPL), as one of the leading distribution companies of India, wishes to participate in this transformation and help its customers make the transition to EVs. 

India E Mobility Finance (IEMF), is assisting BRPL in carrying out a Customer Survey in a few Delhi localities to understand how customers can adopt EVs and what BRPL can do to assist in such adoption.

If you already own EVs or are interested in owning them, we would like you to spare 20-30 minutes for participating in a Survey.  Our team will contact you and set up a time to take your inputs in the survey. 

The findings from the survey would be used by BRPL to develop programs to scale up EV usage by its customers, including setting up charging stations (public as well as private).

We thank you in advance for taking out time for this unique and pioneering study.

We look forward to talking to you soon


Our personnel will call you to take you through the survey (about 30 min) between the 1-Oct-2019 and 15-Oct-2019, please indicate any dates which are not suitable for calling, Please also advise if there is a particular preferred time in the day when  we can reach you

Dates when not available
Time When Available for Survey

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